Holistic Counselling

What is Holistic Counselling?

People often ask me what holistic counselling is. Essentially it is counselling that takes in to account the person’s whole life, not just the immediate issue. After all, how and where we were brought up, our current life situation, family, work and aspirations all have a part to play in whatever issue needs to be worked through.

How can Holistic Counselling Support You?

My aim is to guide clients in understanding what the underlying issue really is from an emotional perspective and to identify what their goals are from an internal and external view point i.e. what is it you want for yourself and what is it you would like to have in your home, family or work life. The bottom line is knowing what you need in order to feel better about yourself and your life situation and to use all my expertise and wisdom to support you in getting there.

What I Can Do For You

The hardest part is making the changes to meet your needs. With my support and guidance you’ll be better able to achieve this. “Only you can do it, but you can’t do it alone” is a quote from my Reiki Master Teacher and it’s very true. We all need to make changes at some point in our lives and it’s a lot easier if we know we have someone we can depend on not to judge us but to encourage us and offer hope along the way. Life is a journey and there will be times when we feel we’re going backwards but in the end, with perseverance and a deeper understanding of ourselves, progress can be made and the necessary change achieved.

Often I will incorporate one of my other therapies as part of the counselling session as these create the space for relaxation and letting go. When we get caught up in an issue it’s often hard to see other options or ways to handle them. By allowing ourselves to relax, the opportunity for new insights can occur and you’ll feel empowered to act to achieve your goals.

What You Need To Do

The holistic counselling process is an individual one depending on the issue to be resolved. I usually recommend an initial commitment of three to five sessions to really understand what it is you want to work through as often there are several competing problems. Through this, I can offer ‘support tools’ that you can use in your day to day life to better handle situations that may be overwhelming you. All you need to do is decide to start the process and to be open to where it can take you.

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“With Jackie’s guidance and support I am able to re-focus on what I need to do to gain clarity and growth as I continue my journey of healing. Jackie is a delightful, compassionate and very caring person and I highly recommend her to you.”

Denise, Bundoora

“Jackie has helped me through some tough times with her counselling and support and has made me see things clearer. Her (Indian) head massages are great and help me relax and sleep better. Thanks Jackie for all your support and continued excellence in providing holistic healing!” Jacqui, Montmorency

Holistic Counselling


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