Stress Management for Busy People

Practical ways to stop reacting and start responding effectively to life

This one hour workshop will take you through practical, down to earth techniques to get on top of your stresses and better handle the challenging times. It will encourage you to take a look at where your stresses are and offer some practical tips on how to manage them more effectively. 

The workshop includes plenty of audience participation so you get to experience the benefits of the techniques straight away. Jackie will take you through various    strategies to handle the challenges of life more effectively so you go away with at least, one, if not several, to use when the pressure starts to build. You’ll learn simple, easy to use techniques to stay calm and feel centred and in control whatever the situation. 

The beauty of this workshop is that it doesn’t take up much of your valuable time and you go away feeling a lot better about how to approach the ups and downs of life.

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About the presenter, Jackie Richards

Jackie, has a wealth of experience as a Stress Management and Relaxation Therapist. She brings her unique, non-nonsense approach to coping in trying times to this workshop leaving you feeling confident in being able to use the skills taught and better able to manage the madness of modern day living.

Contact Jackie on 0410 161 099 for details of her next workshop or email and find out how she can bring the workshop to your place of work.

Stress Management For Busy People


Workshop Feedback

"The presentation offered useful, day to day tools that can be implemented easily", Laura

"I really liked the changes in words that are used and GOLF. These were tips that I would really like to implement", Angelina

"The presentation covered practical strategies for handling stress and also how important it is to value self care as part of professional development", Jenny

"The workshop gave a reminder of what is important with a good balance of information and practice", Rosemary

"I enjoyed the practical aspects especially the breathing exercises", Katherine

"I found the changing words and calming visualisation very helpful", Therese

"The language change exercise was very insightful in how using different words can affect the recipient", Kate

"The presentation covered simple techniques that are easy to use on a daily basis. Also, techniques that are able to be passed on to other's in need.", Rachel

"I found the breathing exercises useful and the discussion around gratitude insightful.", Steph

Stress Management for Busy People