Self Development Programs

It’s so easy to get caught up in the never ending cycle of being busy in today’s hectic lifestyle. You’re likely to be looking after everyone else but yourself, struggling to relax and racked with guilt if you take time out for you.

My Self Development Programs with Reiki are about taking back responsibility for how you live your life and give you the techniques and confidence to make realistic, achievable change so you feel comfortable looking after you.

Where you are feeling lost and uncertain about who you are and your role in life, these programs will shape your personal journey of self understanding, self acceptance and acknowledging your self worth. They offer the opportunity for you to be open and honest with where you are at this moment in time, warts and all, and have the courage to say “I’m ready to change it now” with conviction and determination.

Self Development Workshops with Jackie Richards

Why Learn with me?

I have experienced this transformation first hand as I ploughed through the lengthy and emotional upheaval of migrating to Australia from the UK. At near breaking point i found the courage to leave a 20 year career in the corporate IT industry which was dragging me down.

Now, with over 10 years’ experience as a Stress Management and Relaxation specialist, I have the wisdom to guide you in how you can be more aware of the possibilities life has to offer. With my intuitive and down-to-earth teaching methods I have the expertise to empower you with deeper self awareness and confidence that is enhanced with the healing aspects of Reiki to support you to handle life’s challenges a lot easier.

Self Development with Reiki is all about you and understanding yourself more deeply so that the aspects you struggle with can be looked at in an open, compassionate way. These breakthroughs create transformation so that you feel more confident and optimistic in your day to day life.

With greater acceptance and understand of who you are then your authentic self is more available to offer to others. You don’t need to wear a mask to feel comfortable in your own skin.

I will take you on a unique, life changing personal journey with my Self Development with Reiki training programs.

My classes are limited to five participants to provide an intimate learning space for enhanced personal attention during all aspects of the workshops.

Self Development with Reiki

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique that uses the ‘Universal Life Force Energy’. It is a non-invasive, safe form of energy healing. Reiki enables you to balance your emotions, feel calmer and expand your spiritual awareness. By harnessing the energy of Reiki as part of your self development you open yourself up to the possibilities of supporting yourself more competently when the going gets tough.

Self Development with Reiki Workshops

There are three main levels of Self Development with Reiki:

Self Understanding with Reiki (Level One)

This initial program will give you the foundation tools and perspectives to be more aware of yourself and why you do the things you do. With these insights you will discover safe and easy steps you can practically take to transform your situation. All this whilst gaining the skills to support you as you create lasting, realistic change to meet your individual needs. Click here for more details.

Self Acceptance with Reiki (Level Two)

This program builds on the insights and breakthroughs started in the “Self Understanding with Reiki Level One” workshop to enhance your ability to overcome challenges and maintain the momentum of personal change. The workshop illuminates your hidden strengths and allows you to step into a new way of living with greater enjoyment and optimism for what you can create for yourself and others. Click here for more details.

Self Worth with Reiki (Level 2 consolidation)

During this program you will bring together and add to all you’ve learned so far to ensure you have total confidence and trust in how you are progressing in achieving your desires. You will gain enhanced Reiki techniques and cement in all you have accomplished to date. This program sets the stage for ongoing personal growth available in the Master Programs.

All the above programs are taught over two consecutive Sundays to allow reflection and practice in between each day. This creates the opportunity to truly integrate what you’ve learned into your day to day life.

Reiki Master Training

Self Compassion with Reiki Master Practitioner

This program is a deep dive into removing more of the layers that you’ve created to protect yourself from being hurt or mistreated that are stopping you from living life to your full potential.

It is a 6 or 12 month program requiring a personal commitment to create sustainable change. The program involves one on one sessions with Jackie. It also includes further expansion of your understanding and use of Reiki to support yourself and others.

This training is highly recommended if you wish to set up a Reiki Healing practice and offer your services for payment.

Self Belief with Reiki Master Teacher

This final stage of your formal Self Development with Reiki is the catalyst needed should you decide you wish to teach Reiki to others. There is no pressure to teach with this level, however, it is an amazing period of reasserting your goals and continued dedication to lasting personal transformation. The program requires a commitment of 6 – 12 months of one on one training with Jackie to meet the requirements for achieving the teacher training competencies.

Jackie is a member of the Australian Reiki Connection and is an acknowledged Reiki Teacher with them.

Self Development with Reiki

Student Feedback

“I loved all of the workshop, especially learning more details about the chakras and the practicals. It was incredibly healing, grounding and magical. I can honestly feel the positive impact straight away!”, Meg, Vermont

“What an inspiring experience! I really enjoyed the workshop and glad that we learned in a small group. A great mix of practical and theory. I would absolutely recommend Holistic Healing Melbourne’s Self Understanding with Reiki workshop.” Lisa, Keysborough

“I loved the structure, the mix of activities, the opportunities provided and feeling very supported and nurtured. The workshop over the two weekends also provided great opportunity to practice and was not overwhelming”, Renata, Coburg

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