Self Development Workshops

Jackie has been a Stress Management and Relaxation therapist for 10 years. Her experience as a Holistic Counsellor coupled with her Reiki training brings a breadth of knowledge to her teaching. She brings a wealth of personal healing wisdom with  practical, well paced approaches to her workshops so that her students feel confident gaining individual growth and skills to support them with managing life’s challenges a lot easier.

Her classes are limited to five participants to provide an intimate learning space for enhanced personal attention during all aspects of the workshops.

Self Development Workshops with Jackie Richards

Why Learn with Jackie?

It’s so easy to get caught up in the never ending cycle of being busy in today’s hectic lifestyle. You’re likely to be looking after everyone else but not yourself. In addition, it’s common for you to struggle with being able to relax. However, with increased self awareness, and some easy to use nurturing self-help skills, you can reconnect with your inner calm and feel better about yourself and your life.

During the workshops you have the space to look within and reflect on your experiences in a safe and supportive environment. Learning Self Understanding and Self Acceptance with Reiki gives you practical new perspectives on yourself and your life creating the opportunity for realistic change.

Jackie has experienced this transformation first hand as she emigrated to Australia from the UK and left a 20 year career in the corporate IT industry. Now, through her gentle, down-to-earth teaching methods, she’ll guide you in how you can be more aware of the possibilities life has to offer. She will train you in skills that give you deeper self awareness that is enhanced with the healing aspects of Reiki to support yourself and others.

Having Reiki as part of your coping tool kit allows you to relax more easily and quieten the mind chatter. When you can do this, your decision making and reactions to situations come from a clearer, more objective perspective. This offers the potential for better choices and more rewarding life experiences.

Self Development with Reiki

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique that uses the ‘Universal Life Force Energy’. It is a non-invasive, safe form of energy healing. Using Reiki enables you to balance the energies within your physical body, your emotions and expand your spiritual awareness. By harnessing the energy of Reiki as part of your self development you open yourself up to the possibilities of gentle healing and connection to your intuition.

Self Development with Reiki Workshops

There are three main levels of Self Development with Reiki:

The Self Understanding with Reiki (Level One) workshop will support you to understand and let go of the unsupportive concepts and limiting beliefs you currently have. The workshop guides you to a new way of looking at your life to enhance your everyday experiences. We will use the practical philosophy of Reiki to give you the foundations to change your negative mind talk and unhelpful habits. This workshop is taught over 2 days. For more information on the Self Understanding with Reiki workshops click here.

Self Acceptance with Reiki (Level Two) workshop builds on the self awareness process started in the “Self Understanding with Reiki” workshop. You will gain deeper insights into what you can do to improve your self knowledge and gain the confidence to feel safe being your true self more openly. There will be further integration with how Reiki can support you with this and enhance how you manage your day to day challenges. This workshop is taught over 2 days. For more information on the Self Acceptance with Reiki Level 2 workshops click here.

There is an additional level of training after Self Acceptance with Reiki called Self Worth with Reiki (Level 2 extension). This course consolidates the knowledge gained from the Self Understanding and Self Acceptance workshops, extends and enhances by adding to your skill set. This course is conducted over two days. More information on this workshop can be found here.

Self Compassion with Reiki Master training is the is the final process and is conducted in two phases.

The Self Compassion with Reiki Master Practitioner course is for those wanting to extend their self awareness with Reiki but do not want to teach Reiki. This course is conducted as a one on one over a period of 6 – 12 months. Contact Jackie on 0410 161 099 for more details on this program.

The Self Compassion with Reiki Master Teacher level builds on the Self Love with Reiki Master Practitioner skills and adds the requirements for being able to teach Reiki. This course is conducted as a one on one over a period of 6 – 12 months. Contact Jackie on 0410 161 099 for more details on this program.

Self Development with Reiki

Student Feedback

“I loved all of the workshop, especially learning more details about the chakras and the practicals. It was incredibly healing, grounding and magical. I can honestly feel the positive impact straight away!”, Meg, Vermont

“What an inspiring experience! I really enjoyed the workshop and glad that we learned in a small group. A great mix of practical and theory. I would absolutely recommend Holistic Healing Melbourne’s Self Understanding with Reiki workshop.” Lisa, Keysborough

“I loved the structure, the mix of activities, the opportunities provided and feeling very supported and nurtured. The workshop over the two weekends also provided great opportunity to practice and was not overwhelming”, Renata, Coburg