Self Worth with Advanced Reiki Level 2

This workshop is essential for creating the opportunity to be totally accepting of who you are and your self worth. It consolidates and builds on all you’ve gained so far and cements in the principles of Reiki to become an integral part of your life creating lasting positive change. It is also the catalyst required to ensure you are ready to embark on the next stage of your magical journey of transformation with Reiki Master training.

The workshop is for anyone who has completed the Self Understanding and Self Acceptance with Reiki (levels one and two) workshops with me.

The Self Worth with Advanced Reiki Level 2 workshop is conducted over 2 Sundays and covers:

  • Refresh of the chakra system
    – gain deeper understanding of who you are

  • Review of the three levels of consciousness in relation to the chakras
    enhance your ability to have greater self control

  • Revision of the Reiki symbols learned to date
    – feel inspired with how they can support you in new ways

  • Introduction to two new symbols
    to enhance and offer the opportunity for accepting your self worth

  • Distance healing techniques refresher
    – feel confident letting go of negative thoughts and move on

  • Offering pet healings
    pets are part of your family and respond well to healing too.

  • Practicing hands on healings using the new symbols
    to cement in the new ideas and how they can support you

At the end of the Self Worth with Advanced Reiki Level 2 workshop you will have achieved:-

  • An increased level of confidence in yourself and where you can direct your life.

  • Greater acceptance of your self worth.

  • Competency to embody the healing energy of Reiki to support you in all situations.

This workshop will equip you with the capability for continued self expansion as part of the Self Compassion with Reiki Master training.

Self Worth with Reiki Level 2 Extension

Student Feedback

“Thank you Jackie for providing me with many skills and knowledge from your wonderful teaching abilities and Gift as a Reiki Master. I have thoroughly enjoyed your Self Development workshops and the Reiki healings you have given me.” Tania, Greensborough

“I enjoyed the opportunity to explore and experience Reiki energy and to be in a safe and supportive environment whilst experiencing it. The learning journey with a teacher who was intuitive, grounded and a joy to be with over the two days made the introduction to my Reiki journey joyful and heart-warming”, Victoria, Vermont.

Self Worth with Reiki level 2 extension

The Australian Reiki Connect allows students who have learned Reiki at level Two to offer healings as a Reiki practitioner for payment. However, you will be a more competent practitioner with this workshop as it strengthens your knowledge and capabilities to offer more effective Reiki healings.

2020 workshop is on:

  • Saturday 1st February and Sunday 2nd February

Your investment is a total of $485

(You must have previously completed Self Awareness with Reiki Level Two before being able to register for this workshop)

  • A deposit of $100 is required no later than one week before the first workshop Sunday. The balance to be paid by the Friday before the second workshop Sunday so that all payments are finalised before the end of the workshop.

  • Payment can be made via cash or bank transfer to ANZ BSB 013-308, Account number 1815-47362.

  • Payment by credit card is available and incurs a 2% surcharge. Other payment plan options are also available. Contact Jackie for details.

The workshop is held in Eltham, VIC 3095.

All my workshops have limited numbers and get booked up quickly.

To ensure you don’t miss out on this opportunity of a lifetime to get your life back on track and working for you instead of against you, complete the form below NOW to secure your place.

Self Worth with Advanced Reiki Level Two Workshop Registration

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