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Healing Isn’t Pretty. But It’s Worth It In The End

I remember my healing journey started when I chose to leave the pressures of the corporate IT industry. I’d had forays into sorting my baggage out in the past by seeing various therapists but I never really let it go. It was only when I started my holistic counselling training that I really got to grips with things. I then took it further through learning Reiki and truly started to let go of the pain. The healing process isn’t pretty. I felt so low at times as I revisited the old stuff. But it was worth it in the end.

I count myself fortunate that I was able to invest in myself, take the time to relax and take stock of where I was without judgement. I managed to feel safe and opened myself up to being vulnerable. The process at times has been very emotional but has enriched my life.

Learning Reiki One was an enormous catalyst in getting me to release old stuff that was stopping me from moving forward. Then Reiki Two took the process to another dimension that was amazing in giving me the skills to trust and surrender situations to my Higher Self.

It allowed me to gain a sense of self acceptance I hadn’t appreciated before.

If you have learned Reiki One or Reiki Two at any point in your life but have forgotten what it was about, now is the perfect time to revisit these skills and invest in my Self Acceptance with Reiki Two Workshop.

I will refresh you on the Reiki One fundamentals before delighting you with how easy it is to expand your skill set. You’ll discover ways to easily incorporate simple rituals that illuminate your blocks and offer the secrets so you can overcome them.

My Self Acceptance with Reiki Two workshop will be on Sundays 6th and 13th October in Eltham.

All my workshops have limited numbers and get booked up quickly.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity of a lifetime to get your life back on track and working for you instead of against you.

Contact me now on 0410 161 099 to reserve your place or complete the form on

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Invest in yourself by taking your Reiki skills to another level so you can transform past pain into possibility. 

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Reiki Workshop


“I loved how the workshop was paced in a way that allowed the information to slowly integrate. Jackie provided a nurturing and positive space to allow me to feel welcome and safe”, Yolanda, Warranwood

“Thank you Jackie for providing me with many skills and knowledge from your wonderful teaching abilities and Gift as a Reiki Master. I have thoroughly enjoyed your workshops and the Reiki healings you have given me.” Tania, Greensborough