August Newsletter

Embrace Change. Don’t Avoid It!

It’s normal to want a life that is secure and stable with little or no challenges. However, an uneventful life can become boring after a time and you’ll feel disillusioned as it’ll hold little purpose and excitement. Change is what enriches your life in one way or another. So embrace change. Don’t avoid it.

Often change is daunting and scary. You might fear rejection or failure if you attempt to adjust aspects and it doesn’t work out as you’d planned. This is OK. Give yourself some space to reflect and learn from the experience. The greatest discoveries weren’t made at the first attempt.

Remember that you are a work in progress. So be gentle with yourself and allow all experiences to be an opportunity for personal insights and growth. Nothing is wrong or bad, you simply have expectations that aren’t realistic. After all, you only know what you know from your life experiences to now. You can’t see into the future.

What you can do is take a leap of faith that it’s OK to have a go at small, sensible changes in the direction you’d like to see your life headed. Then you can make adjustments along the way as you figure out what works best for you and what doesn’t.

It also means that as things do work in your favour you will have more confidence making further transformations and your life will have renewed purpose and possibility.

Taking that first step to begin modifying aspects you’re not happy with is the hardest part.

Only you can do it. But you can’t do it alone.

Allow me to support you in taking those first, scary steps and provide you with practical techniques so you can start achieving your goals.

Contact me now on 0410 161 099 to book an appointment and feel confident overcoming your challenges and excited about where your life is headed.

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Self Acceptance With Reiki Level Two


“I loved the structure, the mix of activities, the opportunities provided and feeling very supported and nurtured. The workshop over the two weekends also provided great opportunity to practice and was not overwhelming”, Renata, Coburg

“I loved all of the workshop, especially learning more details about the chakras and the practicals. It was incredibly healing, grounding and magical. I can honestly feel the positive impact straight away!”, Meg, Vermont