August Newsletter

Self Care Is More Important Than You Realise

It’s been an interesting month with new clients and workshops to inspire me. The main message that seems to be permeating through is one of self-care and how it is more important than you may realise. Don’t wait until you are in crisis to seek support. Regular, sustained time out to nurture you will support you so much so that when the s*** hits the fan you don’t fall into a gibbering wreck but can sensibly cope.

Saying that we often are able to handle a lot of pressure before it gets too much. Normally the pressure builds up over a period of time and we don’t consciously realise this until a little thing will happen that sends you over the edge. Looking back to my time in the corporate IT world I realise that I took on too much to prove that I was good enough but it back fired and I ended up having a breakdown. I’d been fooling myself that I could handle it all when actually I needed to look after myself and take time out.

I’m grateful I had that breakdown as I know the warning signs now and am more conscious of taking time out. I have a reasonable self-care program that involves eating well, exercising moderately plus receiving a monthly massage to support my physical self and a monthly Reiki healing to support my emotional and spiritual self. I believe in practicing what I preach as I know the benefits of it firsthand.

You are the most important person in your life. Only you can look after yourself the best way you can. When you do, then you have the best you available for everyone else, not a pretending to be OK you or an I’m coping you that isn’t really coping. It’s not selfish to look after yourself and take time out to be nurtured. This is an invaluable investment in your wellbeing for the benefit of those who are dependent on you.

When was the last time you did something totally for you that allowed you to let go of all frustrations, anger or sadness? Contact me to book an appointment and start the process of releasing all these unhealthy aspects and feel safe unearthing the true you.

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“I loved the structure, the mix of activities, the opportunities provided and feeling very supported and nurtured. The workshop over the two weekends also provided great opportunity to practice and was not overwhelming”, Renata, Coburg

“I loved all of the workshop, especially learning more details about the chakras and the practicals. It was incredibly healing, grounding and magical. I can honestly feel the positive impact straight away!”, Meg, Vermont

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