July Newsletter

Breathe, It’s Going To Be OK.

It’s been an incredible month of deeper self-awareness and consciously practicing what I preach to keep me sane! I’ve been able to support a variety of people this month and one of the key tools I’ve suggested to stay calm is to breathe more slowly and deeply. In the end everything is going to be OK.

When you are able to slow the breath this allows you to quieten your mind. Any downward spiralling thoughts you may be experiencing can be brought under control bringing you to a place that is more centred. If you can bring in some words to say to yourself as you concentrate on your breathing then this will short circuit the negative mind talk. I often recommend saying the word love as you breathe in and peace as you breathe out. Other supportive words such as self-compassion and hope can be used as well. The main thing is to take back control of your whizzing mind and settle yourself so you can think clearly and respond more effectively to whatever has got you off balance.

This practice has been with me ever since I learned Reiki as it was part of the practical skillset that I was taught. Reiki has been invaluable in keeping me grounded when I’m experiencing periods of stress or over the top busyness.

One of my passions is teaching Reiki. I love it when I see the light bulbs go on in my student’s faces when they suddenly see why they have been repeating the same unsupportive behaviours and now have the tools to change them.

Anyone can learn Reiki. I teach in small groups so that it’s very nurturing and supportive, My students gain a depth of knowledge and competency by the end of the two days so they can use what they've learned straight away. 

My next workshop will be on Sunday’s 5th and 12th of August. More information can be found on my website under https://www.holistichealingmelbourne.com.au/reiki-level-one/.

As numbers are limited I strongly recommend that you either fill in the form on this web page or contact me on 0410 161 099 to reserve your place.

I look forward to teaching you these down to earth self-help skills to assist in managing your stresses better so you are able to enjoy life more.

Warm wishes




Add to your self care regime by learning Reiki.  
My next workshop will be in October 2018. Click here for more details.

Reiki Workshop


“With Jackie’s guidance and support I am able to re-focus on what I need to do to gain clarity and growth as I continue my journey of healing. Jackie is a delightful, compassionate and very caring person and I highly recommend her to you.” Denise, Bundoora

“Whilst experiencing a very challenging year the Reiki sessions have helped me to relax and focus on being calm during what is quite a stressful time. It has enabled me to channel my inner energy and reflect on the impact of my stress to my body. Jackie has been very supportive of me on this journey and it is greatly appreciated.” Deborah, Eltham