April Newsletter

Have Patience and Trust

No matter how hard your life may be for you at this moment in time, have patience and trust that it won’t always be like this. Life will have its ups and downs, that is the natural cycle. You wouldn’t be able to appreciate the good times, having not lived through some challenging ones.

 The transformation comes when you gain the clarity to accept that you have the strength to work through anything you encounter. It is a matter of trust and seeking support to get you back on track.

 Often, taking that first step to seek support seems too daunting. You may feel weak, not capable or embarrassed, so you put off until you hit crisis point.

 Don’t let this happen to you.

 I am here for you.

 I offer non-judgemental, caring and compassionate insights enhanced with simple techniques to move you forward through the darkness. The catalyst for change happens when you are open to take that first step.

 Transformation will happen when:

  • you feel empowered to change your mindset,

  • are honest with how you treat yourself and others, plus

  • feel confident letting go of past pain that is holding you back.

 I will work with you to create the amazing changes you crave and deserve.

 Book an appointment now and take that first vital step to transform your situation.

 Phone me on 0410 161 099 or email jackie@holistichealingmelbourne.com.au.

Warm wishes




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Self Acceptance with Reiki Two


“Thank you Jackie for providing me with many skills and knowledge from your wonderful teaching abilities and Gift as a Reiki Master. I have thoroughly enjoyed your workshops and the Reiki healings you have given me.” Tania, Greensborough