March Newsletter

Take You Inner Child With You

In this March newsletter I’ll explain why it’s important to take your inner child with you as you embark on letting go of past pain.

It’s been an incredible month for me. There have been lots of insights, letting go and new self awareness emerging. This year is going to be one of significant change if you are open to allowing it and that’s certainly the case with me. I’m steadily moving through my blocks. My most recent ah-ha moment was when I realised that I’ve been neglecting my inner child. Most of the new ventures I’m embarking on are bringing up old fears from my childhood. After some contemplation and asking what’s really going on here it came to me that I need to take my inner child with me on this journey and not leave her behind.

The best way to engage with your inner child is to write to yourself, your mother or father, or whatever relationship needs healing from the perspective of your child self. Get a sense of what age she would be and write with your non dominant hand. For me it was writing with my left hand as I’m right handed. The other thing is to write with a coloured pen or pencil if you have one, not black, blue or red as these represent school and can block your flow.

You may find this exercise challenging as it can bring up heaps of emotions. Feel safe in allowing this to happen as the release will soften your heart and bring inner peace. Set aside some uninterrupted time to do this so you won’t be disturbed and it can be most beneficial. Depending on what you write I recommend burning the letter with respect and forgiveness as you fully release any emotional connections.

Once you’ve done this healing exercise I strongly advise a daily check in with your inner child. Ask her how she’s feeling and what can you do to support her to feel safe and loved? You’ll get a response. Sometimes all it needs is for them to know that you love them and won’t leave them. This was really supportive of my letting go of feeling abandoned.

If you’re not sure what’s blocking you from moving forward contact me to book an appointment so I can guide you through some possibilities. Everyone’s healing journey is different.

You can call me on 0410 161 099 or email

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