December Newsletter

Live Your Truth with Honesty and Integrity

It’s been an incredible year. I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas and we’ll soon be welcoming in 2019! How has 2018 been for you? Have you overcome challenges, met the goals you set back in January or simply got on with things and not given yourself too much to get through? However, the year has panned out for you I hope you’ve been able to do it with honesty and integrity. When we are able to live our truth and feel comfortable in who we are, that is a great accomplishment.

To get to a place where you are totally accepting of who you are takes courage and hard work. It will involve peeling back the layers and looking at yourself with openness and compassion. When you can acknowledge all your life experiences as opportunities for growth, embracing the bad times with the good and holding no grudges or pain, then you will feel lighter and free.

Healing past pain will be uncomfortable. You will question yourself, probably beat yourself up a bit, possibly blame others for your perceived failings. However, at the end of the day it’s simply our perceptions of life that have been driving us and these can be changed.

Through getting involved in writing my story as part of the “Live Your Truth” collaboration, I allowed myself to let go of a lot of old hurts and misconceptions and gained the realisation that I’ve changed a lot and have a deeper sense of who I am and my values.

I often recommend writing about your issues and problems to my clients as it is a very cathartic exercise when you give yourself time to do this. Coupled with a Reiki healing it allows you to truly accept where you’re at and gain insights into how to move on.

Book an appointment with me now to get your issues put into perspective and have some well earned time out to nurture you. Contact me on 0410 161 099 or email me at to take the first step in creating positive, personal change.

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“With Jackie’s guidance and support I am able to re-focus on what I need to do to gain clarity and growth as I continue my journey of healing. Jackie is a delightful, compassionate and very caring person and I highly recommend her to you.”Denise, Bundoora