November Newsletter

You Are Only Responsible for You

Christmas is fast approaching! Be careful that you don’t overload yourself with catch ups out of obligation because ‘we only see them at Christmas’. It’s really important to look after yourself and pace yourself. You are only responsible for you and feel empowered to make the choices to make this time of year enjoyable rather than a chore. Yes, it’s lovely seeing old friends and acquaintances, however, do so on your terms.

Too often, especially in long term relationships, it gets to the stage where there is an uneven dependency. One person is more reliant on the other for one reason or another. Often all you need to do is simply encourage them to become independent again. Gently suggest activities they could be doing.

Relationships take effort and if you feel you’re doing more than your fair share then it can be draining. Remember that you can only be responsible for your life not your partner’s. If they are in a rut or bemoaning their situation then they have choices to change it. Often the fear of staying where they are must outweigh the fear of change before they will take action. This does not mean that you have to stay stuck as well.

Have the courage to speak your truth from the heart to make your feelings known. When you express yourself from the heart and not your head then the message will be received a lot better. It creates the space for open, heartfelt communication. It will clear the air and allow each person to feel heard.

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Warm wishes




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“Prior to meeting Jackie, I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I went into my first session with her with an open mind and heart. Jackie is an incredibly warm, kind and gentle natured person. Throughout my sessions with her, I have felt safe and comfortable to express myself freely without feeling judged. Jackie listens intently, and she has provided me with the support, insight and tools that I've needed to help me to get to a better place within myself and my life.” Jacki, Keilor