October Newsletter

Personal Change Is Daunting

Where is the year going? It didn’t seem that long ago we were in the middle of summer and here we are well into spring! It’s been an amazing few months with new clients seeking support in overcoming their challenges. Personal change is daunting. However, only you can do, but you can’t do it alone.

Your best approach is to get some gentle, down to earth support to get you back on track. This is how I work with my clients with an open, non-judgemental manner so they feel safe expressing their fears and gain the skills to make lasting, realistic change.

I know from firsthand experience about the personal struggles in overcoming ingrained fears that are learned from childhood. I was fortunate to be studying for my Diploma in Holistic Counselling as I started the process of letting go of my excess emotional baggage. The journey continued during my Reiki training and I’m now in a place of greater self-awareness and gratitude for all my life experiences.

An exciting new project that has been taking shape this year is my involvement as a contributing author in a collaboration of stories about ordinary people overcoming challenges in their lives. The soon to be published book is called “Live Your Truth”.

My chapter takes you through the different aspects of my life from the fearful childhood I experienced and the negative self-worth patterns of behaviour I developed to how I was able to move on from this to be living my life with confidence and self-acceptance for who I am now.

My goal is that my story and those of the other authors will inspire you to accept where you’re at and reach out for support if you feel you need it. Details about how to purchase a copy can be found here.

To make a personal appointment with me to see how I can support you in overcoming your challenges contact me on 0410 161 099.

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“I enjoyed the opportunity to explore and experience Reiki energy and to be in a safe and supportive environment whilst experiencing it. The learning journey with a teacher who was intuitive, grounded and a joy to be with over the two days made the introduction to my Reiki journey joyful and heart-warming”, Victoria, Vermont.