Flower Essence Therapy

What Is Flower Essence Therapy?

Flower essence therapy works on the understanding that our physical, emotional and spiritual well being are affected by the thoughts and moods we experience. It is a subtle yet gentle way of transforming negative mind states into more positive ones and bringing harmony back into your life.

Why Choose Flower Essence Therapy

It never ceases to amaze me how effective the use of flower essences with clients can be. My main use of flower essences in tailored remedies through a process using flower cards. Always, without fail, the ‘right’ essences to support the client are chosen.

Flower essences are so versatile in how they can be used. As well as being taken orally in a remedy I use them topically during an ‘acu-pressure’ treatment which involves pulsing gently on the meridian points of the ear with specific essences for stress, pain and energy imbalances. This is a very calming and releasing experience. In addition, I create tailored sprays for clients and remedies that can be used in footbaths or full baths to support tension and emotional release. These include special combinations for young children, especially babies with trouble sleeping or worn out new Mum’s.

I work with the West Australian Living Essences which provides a range of eighty eight natural bush essences for me to work with for clients. So there is always an essence or essence combination to support clients on their healing journey.

Healing sprays and lotions are also offered. Try ‘Sneeze Ease’ for relief of hay fever symptoms or ‘Harmony Spray’ to enable a calm approach to life.

Benefits of Flower Essence Therapy

  • It is a non-invasive healing therapy
  • Can be taken with existing medication with no side effects
  • Subtle yet deep seated changes can occur
  • Energy, pain and stress relief are experienced
  • Can be used in multiple ways – topically, orally, in sprays, baths and foot baths
  • Tailored remedies can be intuitively created from a short phone consultation.

More information on flower essences can be found here.

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West Australian Living Essences

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