Anxiety Release

Anxiety can be a serious debilitating condition. It can present itself in numerous ways. You might be experiencing angst, apprehension, concern for someone or constant self doubt. It may also present itself as dreading situations, there could be extreme nervousness or panic, or simply a restlessness or uncertainty about where you are heading. Learning how to release anxiety can be life changing in so many positive ways.

A client of mine would get anxious about all sorts of things, most of them situations he had no control over like the wars in the Middle East. He was in a constant state of unease and worry thinking he should be doing something more proactive.

My guidance was to support him in re-framing his thoughts. I advised him to pay more attention to the positive things in his life and express more gratitude for what he already had. I also taught him what relaxation felt like through experiencing a Reiki healing. Within five sessions he was in control of his negative mind chatter. He also discovered how to get into a relaxed state whenever he felt the anxiety coming on. Nipping it in the bud early meant that he was calmer and in more control of his life.

There is never a better time than now to take control of your fears and take action to release your anxiety. Whatever your experience of anxiety, I can support you in letting go of it. I’ll teach you how to find more supportive ways of behaving and thinking. This can open up new avenues to experience joy in your everyday activities and give you more zest for life.

I do this through my Holistic Counselling skills, Relaxation Therapy and Flower Essence Therapy .

Contact me now on 0410 161 099 and let me support you in turning your life around.



“Whilst experiencing a very challenging year the Reiki sessions have helped me to relax and focus on being calm during what is quite a stressful time. It has enabled me to channel my inner energy and reflect on the impact of my stress to my body. Jackie has been very supportive of me on this journey and it is greatly appreciated.” Deborah, Eltham

Anxiety release


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